About Us

Power Chute Design

Your Reliable Source for Motorized Discharge Chutes

Power Chute Design strives to provide you with superior operator-controlled discharge chutes (OCDCs) and other accessories for your lawn mower. We are committed to making exceptional products. Because of this, we thoroughly test for their strength, reliability, and viability ourselves.

Innovating OCDC Products in the Industry

The original OCDC, which was a manually operated device, was patented by a major lawn mower manufacturer back in 1966. Since then, its designs have been modified by several companies throughout the years. We are one of them — the only difference is that our Power Chute is the only fully powered OCDC. Our Power Chutes are even used by municipal government mowing crews and those individuals who are mowing close to roadways.

OCDC Uses When Closed

  • Keeps grass clippings and debris contained within the lawn mower and prevents them from being blown onto driveways and other areas
  • Blows away clippings to clear sidewalks and other areas when the chute is closed enough that the amount of air coming from under it is strong enough

OCDC Uses When Partially Closed

  • Controls how far the clippings are thrown from under the mower deck to keep them from landing on hard surfaces and beautification areas
  • Prevents dangerous objects like gravel from being thrown at a high speed from under the mower deck and unto nearby cars and people

A Message From Our Founder

“Power Chute Design started as a homegrown business, with one chute fabricated to fill the need for an OCDC for my mower that I use in my commercial lawn care business in Iowa City, IA. This one chute has worked, without failure, for nine years now. Every oversized hole, over length shoulder bolt, and sloppy linkage are designed for a reason. Through years of testing, the amount of play in each part is on purpose!

I make the only powered OCDCs that are an exact fit and color match for each individual make and model of mower that I sell. This makes all my OCDCs made in America.

Power Chute Design

This has grown from one chute into building a few ones for friends and now to this. I make and sell over 1,000 Power Chutes every year. All are made, from beginning to end, by me. There are no employees. Every Power Chute was fabricated, welded, painted, assembled, and shipped by me.

I take great pride in my company and its design and development. My company has grown into a full CNC fabrication operation for the top quality and absolute tolerances of each chute that I produce. I fully back each chute produced and will stand behind any product failure that is caused by normal use.”