Motor Information

Offering Replacement Motors That Are Designed by Us

Motors can be ordered under Shop Online - Accessories - Motor Replacement for a nominal fee. We design our own motors. They are stronger than any auto parts store motors, BUT they still must fail at some point in order to meet OSHA safety standards. They have a higher torque value than is needed to operate a car window. Motors can also be purchased locally from most auto parts stores for a higher price using any of the following parts numbers:

Chassis origins: General Motors parts - 12 tooth / right motor

O’Reilly’s Auto Parts Part # 42-127
Advanced Auto Parts 82326
AutoZone 42-127
Power Chute Design

Motors easily last for years on a Power Chute.

They can also be damaged in seconds beyond repair. The simple truth is just stay aware from impact of the Power Chute against fixed object (trees, fence posts or trailer ramps and curbs). If a fixed object accidentally comes in contact with your mower on the discharge side you want to cheapest part to replace to take the impact and abuse saving the more expensive pieces of your Power Chute and mower deck.

In almost every case Power Chute motors last the life of the entire product. Worldwide there are literally millions of these exact motors making millions of operations a day. There are thousands of Power Chutes with original motors in operation for over 10 years now. But, it has limitations. There is a built-in limit to the motor's torque value. The motors are made to exert so much pressure before they will intentionally fail. The main gear you see from the outside is press fit into the center housing and main gear made of hard nylon. There is no such thing as an all-steel gear motor as this is the piece used for the safety relief. On the backside of the outer steel gear you see there is a steel post in a 'D' shape that fits into a 'D' shaped hole in the nylon gear.

Two motors are severely tested for strength and reliability in every 250 motors delivered to us.

Every motor and Power Chute is tested for proper operation before leaving the company. Every motor and every Power Chute. Motors are tested for longevity and are also waterproof tested. Motors can be purchased thru us or bought locally at most auto parts stores. All motor numbers are listed in your installation instructions for local purchase options.

Simply remember to take the old motor with you to the parts store as they will want it as a core charge or have to charge you extra for the new motor. Auto parts stores usually charge between $36 and $110 per motor plus tax and core charge. The overall failure rate of new Power Chute original motors is less than 3 %. That's less than 3 motors per 100 Power Chute new sales and can be attributed to two factors: New product learning curve which ends after the operator gets used to a new device attached to the mower or employees that show signs of being hard on equipment overall. The original motors used are the most powerful, reliable, and durable motors found worldwide and with no care can last the life of the Power Chute.