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Power-Locker - The Only Legal Way to Haul -

Power-Lockers are the only complete wheel lock system to secure your utility vehicle for transportation on all state and federal roadways.

With the use of one Power-Locker (unless over 1,200 pounds) and one strap this meets the following DOT requirements.


393.100             393.102

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Power Chute Design

Mow Faster and Safer With the Help of Our Discharge Chutes

Clearing out grass clippings and debris from freshly groomed areas when you mow your clients’ yard can take up too much of your time. Fortunately, Power Chute Design offers a product that helps lessen the cleanup work needed after mowing a lawn.

Power-Locker Information

Power Lockers are the only all-in-one system that meets all State and Federal laws in one box.  The new design now has a heavier duty front bracket and ready for use of any light utility equipment of less than 1,200 pounds per Power Locker. Anything over 1,200 pounds requires 2 Power-Locker units up 2,400 pounds.

Hauling something other than your mower or sprayer? Mulch, fertilizer bags or hauling more than one mower in tandem? Pull one spring pin and the Power-Locker comes out of their mounting brackets in seconds, leaving only the brackets on the trailer deck.

All Power Lockers are also interchangeable! The front and rear mounting brackets width fits all Power Lockers from the smallest PL-200 to the PL-400 for your side by side. So, all Power Lockers are interchangeable in the same mounts!

Extra brackets are also available to use your Power Lockers on different trailers.  

  • 4 sizes available to fit from a 7" tire all the way up to a 27" tire
  • *** Will not fit Z-Spray products with front castor suspension*** 
  • ***Because of weight limitations two PL-300 units are required per each Z-Spray to capture both front wheels.***
  • Will not work with Gravely zero turn due to the angle of the front castor forks
  • ***Will Not fit Exmark Sprayers***
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What We Offer

We provide innovative lawn mower discharge chutes called Power Chutes, the first fully powered operator-controlled discharge chutes (OCDCs) proudly made in the US. Our products can help you with the following:

  • Keeping grass and debris from collecting on lawn beds, driveways, freshly groomed yards, and other areas
  • Shortening the cleanup time needed for your yard work
  • Preventing dangerous objects from being ejected out from under the lawn mower
Power Chute Design

These OCDCs are powered by high-torque motors and specially designed and tested to be equipped to specific models of lawn mowers. Each unit is controlled by a convenient two-way footswitch for ride-on mowers or a hand toggle for walk-behind mowers.

All our products are handmade so that we carefully fabricate them to ensure their quality and durability. 

  • Our products are shipped to you fully assembled.
  • These powered OCDCs allow hands-free operations.
  • They are made to fit perfectly on your branded lawn mower.
  • Our products are color-matched to your mowing unit.
  • These discharge chutes are made from high-tensile metal alloy diamond plates.
  • Exmark
  • Spartan
  • Toro
  • Scag
  • John Deere
  • Wright
  • And Many More
  • Custom applications available by phone or e-mail.
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